• Milind_MB

    What is left to the banana? Looks like some fried menu… You made me remember famous non-veg food from my place. You might have heard of Kolhapuri dishes(both veg and non-veg) in many restaurants, almost across all parts of India. Thats what the place I belong to, an example of such dish: http://www.hotelvishwa.in/kolhapur-city-guide-kolhapuri-non-veg-cuisine.php

    • I believe, that was a piece of fried bread fruit. I don’t know for sure. I’m not a big vegetarian.

      One of my favorite Indian non-veg dishes is Chicken Kolhapuri. Many years ago I was driving from Goa to Pune and stopped at Kolhapur for lunch. I did two things there: (1) bought Kolhapuri slippers, and (2) had Chicken Kolhapuri.

      I tell you, the damn thing was so hot, it took out a few layers of inner lining of my stomach. I hope to do that once again. 😉

  • Shyamalroy

    Deelip I am working on my next photo book “In search of the perfect meal in India”.

    I may need your guidance.

    You can see my other work at http://www.shyamalroy.com

    Keep up the good stuff!!!