Jumping The Himalayan

While I think the suspension of the Royal Enfield Himalayan is nice for riding over broken tarmac and trails, I wouldn’t jump the motorcycle too high.

Acclaim Motors, a Royal Enfield dealer in Bangalore, asked 2015 Raid De Himalaya Royal Enfield Class winner Sanjay “Tribal” Kumar to have a go at the Himalayan on a track. At around 2.17 Sanjay does a three foot jump. The suspension bottoms out, the skid plate ploughs through the soil and the exhaust pipe scrapes the ground.


It is important to note that unlike the earlier case when CS Santosh did the same thing while testing a prototype of the Himalayan, this is a production motorcycle from a dealership.

I don’t think the Himalayan is designed to be ridden this hard and I don’t think Royal Enfield dealers should be posting such videos to begin with. Royal Enfield made a mistake my posting such videos before the launch and now their dealers are following suit after the launch. Not good.

  • Ankit Chauhan

    So Deelip what you will suggest to a potential RE Himalayan buyer? It seems like you are not convinced by the RE claims about the Himalayan.
    I planned to get a TBTS500 in June this year but felt in love with Himalayan riding stance, saddle, motor and instruments cluster. TBTS500 appears too dull a deal for the current price of 2 lac INR, while Himalayan mix reviews (like urs) and LS410 unknown response confused me about which of these machine I should opt for an annual commuting to touring ratio of 60:40?

    • If you can wait, then I would recommend that you let this first few production batches of the Himalayan reach RE’s guinea pigs and let RE fix the glaring problems that are being already being reported by them.