The Kawasaki Versys 650 – First Impressions

Today I test rode the Kawasaki Versys 650 in Bangalore and I loved it. It felt like a Tiger 800 on good behavior. 😉

The Tiger engine is far more refined and has this mad sense of power to it. But if you are not the kind of person who wants to go bat shit crazy on an highway from time to time, then the Versys 650 will keep you extremely happy.

Standing posture is very comfortable. Weight isn’t a problem at all. The ABS brakes are great. Build quality and finish is nice. Decent amount of power for adventure touring. I have absolutely nothing to complain about this motorcycle.

Everyone in India who is waiting for the KTM 390 Adventure should save money, take a loan, rob a bank, sell a kidney, whatever, and buy this motorcycle. No point postponing happiness. You live just once. Live it well.

If you are looking to buy a Tiger and don’t plan on taking it off road in an serious manner, make sure you test ride the Versys 650. You could save yourself a ton of money. Maybe use the money to buy a Duke 390 (or 390 Adventure when it shows up) for proper off road use.





  • Mithun

    Hey man
    Which dealer has the bike for a test ride? I am in Bangalore all of next week and would love to scope it out. Been eying it for a while now but unfortunately not a single dealer here in Mumbai offers one.

      #801, 2C,HRBR Layout,Next to vijaya bank, kalyanagar, Bangalore 43

      • Mithun

        Thanks man
        Appreciate it. You really think its worth the bucks though? Considering we are spending a premium of almost 50-55% over the actual cost of the bike anywhere else in the world. But yeah, no point waiting for the rest of your life for the Tiger to get cheaper or the F800GS to launch at a price lower than the Tiger. Both of which are not going to happen anytime soon I guess.

        • Yeah, the import duty is a bitch. But there is no point postponing happiness.

          • Mithun

            Hey Deelip

            Thanks so much for the contact man. I was able to track them down on Wed and just landed back into Mumbai this morning. Unfortunately for me, just a couple of days before going to their store, someone had dropped the bike on their test ride. Post that, they were extremely reluctant to give out the bike for any test rides till they deemed it fully road worthy. Upon closely inspecting the bike when I got there though, I realized that it was just the front brake lever that was busted and a foot peg had caved in. I managed to convince the guys at the store that I had to test the bike before I got back to Mumbai to decide on the procurement. They reluctantly agreed and told me to just take a short spin around the back of the store. I rode the bike for less than 5 minutes and I can honestly say, it was 5 minutes well spent.

            I instantly fell in love with all things the bike promised. A very nice ride, comfortable, grounded and amazing power delivery. The handling was quite nimble for such a large bike actually. I am thoroughly sold on it for now. Thanks again for the hookup. It really helped. Now to find a place to sell the kidney.

          • Good to know. BTW, robbing a bank should be easier. 😜


    Good review. Would you know which dealer in Mumbai is offering a test ride?

    • Sorry, I’m not sure. Its best to call them and find out.