Project KTM 390 Adventure – Handlebar Risers

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As part of changing Ratchet’s riding position from leaning forward to sitting upright I decided to raise the handlebar a couple of inches by using a pair of risers. KTM has a Powerpart called Handlebar Support (Part No. 78901939444) which did exactly what I wanted. But I couldn’t find a way to buy it online and the KTM dealer in Goa was clueless about its existence. I asked my friends on Facebook and one of them, Dhaval Mahadaria, suggested instead of figuring out how to buy the KTM part, I could get the job done with a simple cylindrical riser and a longer bolt. I said to myself, “Why the hell not” and bought a couple of 35mm diameter, two inch long aluminium bars for Rs 50 from the local metal yard.


I took them to a lathe workshop in Mapusa, got them sized to 30 mm diameter.


Then got a 10 mm hole drilled through each riser.


I paid the machinist Rs 300 for his labour and headed off to the hardware shop to buy a couple of longer bolts which cost me Rs 50 each


After spending Rs 450 and some time Ratchet’s risers were ready for fitment. I had to reroute the clutch cable to take into account the increase in distance from the clutch to the clutch lever. The other cables didn’t pose a problem as they were long enough.

This is the handlebar before I add the risers.

DSC_0006 (Edited)

And this is after.

IMG_3634 (Edited)

I’m also experimenting with a couple of aluminum spacers on top of the front fork tubes which I borrowed from a friend. The combination of the fork spacers and these handlebar risers has resulted in an upright riding position, which appears to be pretty close to what I had in mind.

Now I need to take Ratchet for a long ride to test out these mods. After all, the whole point of making these mods was to make the motorcycle enjoyable (not just bearable) on long hauls.

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  • Akhil Kalsh

    Awesome! I think what the 390 needs the most is more travel up front and back. Any ideas for that?

    • The rear suspension travel is good enough. But the front is very less. That’s expected because of the bike is designed mainly for streets and not bad highways or off roading.

      I’ve given this some thought. Short of using the fork of a different motorcycle, I really don’t think there is anything that can be done. And I really don’t want to do that because it will mess with the ABS and stuff.

  • Nikhil.K

    after having the off-road & street riding experience of 390, do u think the bike needs a steering damper?
    coz i’ve myself felt the tankslapper couple of times on high speeds. I’ve checked the bearings, tyre pressures, etc. (bumpy highways being a common issue in India)
    have u experienced any tankslappers over ur 390 on high speeds or off roads?…

    • Nope. I’ve not experienced that problem so far.

    • Rajat Agrawal

      Have you tried adjusting the preload on the rear suspension. If your weight is not in the 50-70kg range then it might help…

      • No. I’ve kept it stock. I’m 100 kgs. Shall try it out.

  • Jatin Gupta

    hey, what is the length of the billet, dhaval sir replied that its 30 in diameter and 25mm in length, i find your a bit bigger than him,
    is it longer than him?
    and he also the name of the ratchet is m10x95

  • Bakwas deGrass Tyson

    What is the length of these cylinders?

  • I had the cylinders cut to 2 inches long.

  • Ankit Gandre

    Hi did u face any problems with brake cable?? Or did u reroute brake cable as well??

  • Rajat

    Brilliant! and more importantly Thanks! for taking the time and effort to document and share the info.

    Just booked my 390 and I was planning to raise the handlebar height as well (that is how I found your gem of a blog). I just ordered the KTM handlebar support part 52mm that my friend will bring back from the US.

    Can you shed more details on the fork risers, custom made on the lathe or something else?

    I am a big fan of Batman and the Ratchet sure looks worthy of the BatMobileHooligan tag.

    • Yes, the fork risers were custom made on a lathe. I didn’t design it myself. Got them from a friend.

  • Orpheus Da Silva


    I’ve followed your guide and got the aluminium risers made locally here.
    Instead of 2 inches I made 1 inch risers.
    However I can’t seem to get the clutch cable routed till the lever.
    I’ve tried routing through different ways but it just wouldn’t reach.
    Could you post some pictures showing how you routed the cable?

    • I routed the clutch cable between the risers. I’ve sent you a pic by email.

      • Orpheus Da Silva

        Yes, I tried the same.
        It did reach, however there was stress on the cable. When I turn the handlebar to the extreme right, it would slightly disengage the clutch.

        • Turn the handle bar and then route the cable. You will need to find the shortest path from under the riders as well. Take it a totally different route if you need to.

      • Siddharth Chabra(F&I)

        Hi Dilip, I am facing the same problem, installed one inch risers but my clutch auto engages when i turn the handle left, can you please share the picture of how you rerouted the clutch cable? Will really appreciate it if you could do that.

  • Siddharth Rajkumar

    This is a really simple mod and effective mod. I wanted to do this on my 200 Duke. Are the spacers pure aluminium or an alloy? Pure aluminium would be a bad idea as it is too weak. I feel I may end up using steel or brass instead. They sure will be heavy. And is 30 mm overall diameter adequate considering the hole diameter is 10 mm?

    • Aluminium is strong enough. I’ve thrashed this bike on some crazy trails.

      • Siddharth Rajkumar

        It may be strong enough to withstand a couple of jolts but what about prolonged use (and abuse)? I guess it can take compressive forces alright but what about shear strength? I plan to get them made one inch long.

        • I don’t think an inch should be a problem. Let me know what you find out. All this is trial and error anyways. πŸ˜‰

          • Siddharth Rajkumar

            Well, I wasn’t able to get much done on this but I did get a 4″ long 35mm diameter bar of some aluminium alloy, which the vendor said was 6083 and is used for making dies. I couldn’t find any info on this SAE number. I would have preferred 6061 but this should do. Will probably get the 1″ spacers fabricated next weekend.

          • Siddharth Rajkumar

            I think what you have is probably not pure Al but an alloy.

          • I merely went to the nearby hardware store and asked for a aluminium bar. πŸ™‚

          • Siddharth Rajkumar

            Alright, I finally got the time to complete the mod. Here is the cost I incurred:
            Aluminium bar – 80
            M10 bolts 100mm long 12.9 class with nyloc nuts – 60
            Lathe turner’s labour – 200
            Labour at service centre for installation – 172

            Cost effective, I say. Thanks for all the info you provided!

          • Excellent! I’m glad this blog post helped you. πŸ™‚

  • Mohit Krishna

    Hey deelip, im having a hard time trying to find these m10 allen bolts in Bangalore. Can you tell me where you got them ?

  • Vb

    Hi! I am attaching a picture. Please let me know if you’re aware of the size of the bolt circled in red.
    Thank you!

  • Vb
  • Malik Panchmatia

    Excellent blog encouraging a DIY plan. Every pic n steps were helpful.

    If you could update that we MUST use
    a) top quality hardened industrial bolts, and
    b) nylok nuts that would enhance the safety of this upgrade

    Thanks again!!