Too Much Of A Good Thing

Ironically the biggest competition for our large frame 3D printers are our own outdated large frame 3D printers. These products have long been discontinued and we have even stopped supporting them because we can no longer source the spare parts to fix these machines if they go down. Problem is they run full platform and print parts day and night for years and almost never go down (as long as regular preventive maintenance is done). We are trying every trick in the sales book to get these customers to upgrade to our latest and greatest large frame 3D printers. But these customers are just not interested.

They say too much of a good thing is bad. In this case manufacturing products with too much good quality is turning out to be bad for business. 😬

  • Guruvardhan

    Deelip – Thanks for the interesting info. This is in such a contrast to the “Light Bulb Conspiracy” theory, where companies engineer their products to fail over time so they can sell newer versions! Its amazing to see that there exists a company like 3D Systems which proves this conspiracy wrong! I guess this is a great customer satisfaction story!