Viaterra Raptor Tail Bag

I’ve been struggling to find the right kind of luggage for my Hero Impulse for short overnight kind of trips. My SW-Motech Slipstream tailbag was too small, the Wolfman Expedition dry duffel bag was too big and wide and the Cramster Stallion saddle bags were an absolute overkill. I wanted something not too large to cause a problem while smashing through trails and at the same time not too small so that I could fit in my toolkit, spares, clothes and other stuff. I looked around and finally found the Raptor tail bag from Viaterra. It’s actually touted as an office bag. It comes with internal straps to secure a laptop and a shoulder strap to carry it around like an office bag. You can even expand it laterally to fit more stuff.

Securing it to the motorcycle is quite easy. The bag comes with two bungee chords that you can thread through loops at the base of the bag and secure to the frame of any motorcycle. Turns out the Raptor fits my Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and Triumph Tiger perfectly as well.

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  • Siddhaarth Sarvagyam

    Hello Dileep. Have been following you for some time now, and appreciate your writing and blogs. I have a question, which I hope you can help me with.

    I own a 2014 duke 390, and also the same tailbag. I have had absolutely no problems with it so far, but now I plan to install a luggage rack to allow a pillion to tag along.. So, do you think the Raptor, when fully loaded (i.e, about 35 kgs, if i am correct), could be mounted securely to a luggage rack? And, in your experience, with both the rider’s weight, saddlebags and tailbag,do you foresee any trouble while riding? No off roading, Coastal highway type of riding.

    • Should be just fine if you plan on highway riding only.

      • Siddhaarth Sarvagyam

        Cool..Thank you for your reply!