Reuben Conquers The Mandovi Again

Over a year ago I posted an article titled “OT: Reuben Conquers the Mandovi” on my blog at proudly narrating how my son Reuben (then six years old) swam across the Mandovi river along with three other kids. Yesterday he did it again, this time with twelve other kids and one parent. Here are a few pictures. Click the images for larger views.


  • Jane

    Brave and lovely boy O(∩_∩)O~
    You must be very proud of him, Deelip.

  • skumar

    Congratulations Deelip and Reuben (and I am sure congrats are due to Reuben’s mom as well).

    What was the training regimen followed by the daredevils?

    • Oh yes. My wife is the one encouraging him more to do these things. I’m just paying the bills. 😉

      As far as training, it involves about an hour and half at the pool for a month or so. Its amazing what these kids are capable of doing.