DJI Mic 2 Sound Test With Osmo Action 4

The DJI Osmo Action 4 camera has a SnapShot feature which I use all the time to save battery. In fact, all action cameras have this feature, just that they call it by a different name. Basically, you press the record button to power up the camera and it immediately starts recording. Then you press the record button again to stop recording and put the camera back to sleep.

The issue I’m facing with the DJI Mic 2 transmitter is that it automatically turns off after 15 minutes if it’s not connected to a camera or if it’s not recording sound on its own. So if I have a 15 minute gap between two SnapShots (which is quite common in motorcycle adventure touring), the mic automatically shuts down. I need to manually turn it on. Since the mic is placed in my pant pocket or waist pouch I can’t turn it on while riding a motorcycle.

On the DJI forum, several customers have requested DJI to let the mic stay on. Depending on the use case, the customer should be able to decide whether they want the mic to automatically shut down or stay on till the battery runs out. DJI claims that the Mic 2 transmitter has a battery life of 5.5 hours. So forcibly shutting it down after 15 minutes of inactivity makes little sense. I hope DJI agrees and releases a firmware for the Mic 2 which allows it to always stay on if the customer so chooses.

In the meantime, the solution I have found is to always keep the camera on so that it stays connected to the mic and keeps it alive. The additional benefit of doing this is I no longer need to use the SnapShot feature since the camera is always on. The camera takes 3 seconds to fire up and start recording. So often I see something interesting by the side of the road and by the time the camera has fired up I have already passed the location.