Authentic Goan Thali at Sussegado

Today I had an amazing authentic Goan thali at Susegado’s in Calangute.

This restaurant belongs to Alvin de Souza, my brother from another mother and partner in crime when it comes to exploring this planet on motorcycle. The restaurant is located in a house which Alvin’s great grandfather built in 1881 and is known for its traditionally cooked Goan thali. The dishes are slowly cooked on a wood fire started early in the morning. This gives the aroma of truly home cooked food as it was prepared by Goans in the olden days.

Another thing I like about this restaurant is their initiative to support local Goan diary farmers. They buy fresh milk from a cooperative of 32 dairy farmers from a village called Pirna. A portion of the sales resulting from this procurement is donated back to the cooperative which goes to subsidize the fodder for the cattle of these dairy farmers. As a result the farmers are able to generate a larger profit from their operations which incentivises them to invest in more cattle. The idea is to do their bit in promoting diary farming in Goa, a local business that is slowly declining in favor of comercialized diary products.

If you are visiting Goa, I strongly recommend that you stop for lunch at Sussegado’s. Make sure you are there early becasue only a fixed number of Goan thalis are prepared in the morning only for lunch and these run out fast.