Carpuride W702 Motorcycle Touchscreen for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

This IP67 waterproof touchscreen lets you use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly while riding your motorcycle. It can be powered by your motorcycle’s battery or USB port. You can even power it using a power bank placed in your tank bag. It has replaced my X-Grip mobile phone holder which I have now moved to the side. I’m not sure I need the X-Grip anymore because my phone now sits in my pant pocket and talks wirelessly to the device and my Bluetooth headphones. So I can listen to navigation instructions or music on my headphones and navigate using a large 7-inch screen on my handlebar instead of a small mobile phone screen. The touchscreen works with motorcycle gloves. IP67 means it’s dustproof and waterproof.

For now, I have connected the device directly to my motorcycle battery. But I could wire it through the ignition so it starts and shuts down with the turn of the key. But I’m not sure I want to automatically start the device every time I start the motorcycle. I prefer to switch it on and off using the power button on the device. Long pressing the power button starts the device and it automatically connects to my iPhone and starts Apple Carplay within a few seconds.

The back of the device has a one-inch RAM ball. So it can be secured to any RAM ball mounting system. If I buy additional power lines I could connect them to the batteries of my other motorcycles and move this device easily between motorcycles. After a day’s ride, I would disconnect the waterproof connector and take the device with me to my hotel room leaving the rest of power line wired to the battery. Or if I have powered the device using USB, all I need to do is unplug the device and take it with me, pretty much like how I would remove my mobile phone from the X-Grip.

I absolutely love using Apple CarPlay when driving my cars and now I can use it when riding my motorcycles.

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