Carpuride W702 In The Rain

After this weekend’s ride, I can confirm that the Carpuride W702 can handle the crazy Indian monsoons. This large 7 inch screen isn’t just a fancy gizmo for my motorcycles. It has become a safety device for me. I can see Google Maps clearly while riding my motorcycle instead of squinting at a small mobile phone screen while dealing with traffic, cattle and people around me. Before Google Maps I used a dedicated Garmin GPS device for navigation and was quite accustomed to the large screen in landscape mode. But then I moved to Google Maps and was forced to navigate using a much smaller mobile phone screen, that too in portrait mode. Navigation in the rain became a nightmare with raindrops on the helmet visor making it impossible to understand anything on the small phone screen. But this device changes everything and makes navigation much safer and easier. This is a must have if you are into serious adventure touring.