Breakfast Ride To Pargadh

My breakfast rides on weekdays usually involve me waking up early in the morning, fixing myself a cup of tea while my wife and kids are asleep, sneaking out of the house, riding to some remote corner of Goa or Maharashtra and finally ending up at a village dhaba for breakfast. I can’t ride too far because I need to get back home in time to go to office. I decided to switch things around a little by carrying my breakfast with me so that I could stop anywhere I wanted and have it while enjoying the view. With that in mind I recently bought some compact camping cookware that could fit in my tank bag along with the other essentials.

Today morning I decided to try it out by riding Ratchet up the trail to Pargadh in Maharashtra and cooking myself breakfast while enjoying the fantastic view. I left home at 6 am, rode to Dodamarg where I veered left off the state highway to hit the trail. I had ridden this trail with a few friends just last week (see “Trail Ride To Pargadh“) and had no trouble finding my way back there. Once up I took a moment to take in the breathtaking view and the fresh air.

Image 07

I fished out the cookware from my tank bag, fill the cook pot with water from my hydration pack and started boiling it to fix myself a cup of tea and a bowl of noodles. Image 02

Image 03

Image 04

Image 05

A gentle breeze was blowing up on the mountain and the flame held up without needing me to open out the aluminum foil shield and surround the stove. I enjoyed my noodles and tea and sat still doing absolutely nothing for ten whole minutes.

Image 06

Image 10

Down below in the valley the birds were singing away adding to the amazing ambiance of a lush green valley being bathed by the early rays of sunlight. It was truly a wonderful experience.

After having my fill of Mother Nature I cleaned up and packed my garbage to take it back home with me.

Image 11

One might have been tempted to throw garbage over the cliff. But apart from polluting the jungle, plastic could prove to be bad for the wild life as well.

After resting for a few more minutes I packed my cookware back into the tank bag and proceeded to ride the trail down back to Dodamarg. I stopped at a stream to click a picture.

Image 13

I noticed that I had regained mobile coverage and decided to send a message to my wife back home. I typed, “Rode up Pargadh, cooked noodles, made tea, rode down, now on my way back home. Life is beautiful.

I reach back home at 9:30 am just in time to freshen up and head to office, which fortunately happens to be a stone’s throw away from my home.

What an excellent way to start a work day. Life is indeed quite beautiful.