Camping At Tillari

I was leading the way to our campsite in Tillari when I noticed a bison up ahead on the right side of the trail. I slammed the brakes and so did everyone else behind me. The bison stopped grazing to look up at us. We looked at each other wondering whether to go ahead or turn around and flee. A few moments passed and nobody moved. Eventually the bison got fed up and decided to turn around and continue grazing.


We rode cautiously past the bison and proceeded to our campsite which was just a 100 meters away, obviously a little nervous. As we started to pitch our tents, I wondered if the bison would join us for dinner. Luckily for us that never came to pass.

Check out this 180 degree view from our campsite on day 2 of Tiger Trail 2016. We watched the sun set and then exchanged stories under the moonlight. A fitting end to two amazing days of riding our motorcycles through the wild life sanctuaries of Goa.


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