Helmet Mounted GoPro Max

I used my GoPro Max mounted on top of my helmet to record a 360 video of the famous coconut tree road in Parra and reframed the footage in the GoPro Player windows application to arrive at this video. With the GoPro Max I no longer need to turn my head to point my helmet-mounted GoPro in the direction I want to record. I just ride my motorcycle and deal with the reframing of the video later on my computer.

A helmet-mounted GoPro Max offers a different perspective than a helmet-mounted regular GoPro. When editing the footage you have the ability to focus on a particular spot long after you have ridden past it. You can even focus on traffic following you without needing to stop and switch the direction of the GoPro to point backwards.

But the best part of mounting the GoPro Max on top of the helmet is the ability to relive the entire experience by watching the recorded 360 video using Virtual Reality goggles. One of the main reasons I record and edit videos of my rides is to relive the experience in the future. Now I really don’t need to edit the videos. All I need to do is save the original helmet-mounted 360 video footage and watch it using Virtual Reality googles to get a completely immersive experience.

My sons have watched the video of me riding the cliff edges of the Kailash Mansarovar road along the India-Nepal border. But they watched it on our living room TV. Going forward they will be able to watch and experience my rides as if they were on riding the motorcycle.

I absolutely love this 360 video technology.