Chrome Shock Absorbers On Blackbird

Blackbird is largely made up of metal. If the metal isn’t painted then it is chromed. Well almost. Probably for reasons of cost, Harley-Davidson decided to not chrome two unpainted metal components – the hand levers and the front shocks absorbers.

A while ago I replaced the stock hand levers with chromed ones. The bare aluminium ones were getting stained due to contact with my fingers and riding gloves, no matter how much time I spent cleaning them. The chromed hand levers not only looked good they also felt divine when riding without gloves.

The bare aluminium shock absorbers started oxidising, I’m assuming because I live near the sea.

_DSC0051 (Edited)



Nevertheless, Harley-Davidson offered to replace them for free under warranty. But I decided to do something better. I chose to replace the stock shock absorbers with chromed ones as I have no intention of relocating away from the sea. They agreed and I ended up paying the difference.


This was before.


And this is after


Something my HOG brothers and sisters living along the coastline may want to consider doing as well.