Exploring Mongolia On A Motorcycle

Checked “Explore Mongolia on a motorcycle” off my bucket list. Spent the last few days riding a KTM 450 EXC 1,750 kms around Mongolia, mostly off the tarmac, slipping and sliding the rear wheel for hours every day with a wide grin splashed across my face. Dirt, muck, slush, gravel, sand, water crossings, hill climbs, everything that an off road ride could offer.

Rode the KTM alongside a herd of wild Mongolian horses across the grassland. A truly surreal experience.

Got chased by huge, vicious Mongolian dogs as I rode my motorcycle across the areas under their protection.

Did a couple of tricky hill climbs, one of which ended up with me launching the KTM a couple of feet into the air and then me landing on my behind. The KTM got a bruised hand guard and I got a bruised ego, that’s all. I picked up the motorcycle and continued riding to the top of the hill.

Fulfilled my wish of crossing a river with my motorcycle on a raft.

Galloped a Mongolian horse across lush green glass lands. Rode the horse up to a mountain peak along scary mountain ridges and then back down the mountain through a thick pine forest. Then waded across a small river.

Rode on a cart pulled by an animal which was a cross between a cow and yak. Did whatever was necessary to ensure that it’s long and bushy tail didn’t get wet and dirty.

Had lunch with a Mongolian family in their home.

Had a meal with soldiers of the Mongolian army and shot a pistol, an AK-47 and a big ass sniper rifle.