Highway Biryani

I had heard fantastic things about the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and wanted to try it out. So after checking into the Golkonda Resorts and Spa in Hyderabad I ordered it as room service. It was pathetic to put it mildly. Utterly tasteless and devoid of any excitement. I was immensely disappointed specially since this was a 4 star hotel.

The next day while riding from Hyderabad to Narsipatnam in Andhra Pradesh I stopped at a highway dhaba for lunch, like I always do. I looked for the wash basin and was pointed to a drum of water.


I believe the more unhygienic a dhaba looks (and probably is) the better the food will be. So I ordered a chicken biryani and waited for something awesome.

Oh boy! What I was served far exceeded my expectations. Probably the best chicken biryani I’ve ever had. I had every grain of rice there was and wiped the paper plate clean. Comparing the highway dhaba biryani to that of the 4 star hotel would be criminal, to say the least.