How To Find Scenic Routes In Developed Countries

When riding a motorcycle in a developed country riddled with long and boring expressways I use this method to come up with the most scenic route.

Step 1: Go To Google Maps and look for large green patches between your start and end points for the day. Green patches are usually mountain ranges, forests or national parks and usually have winding roads.

Step 2: Find a restaurant on the road passing through each green patch. You don’t want to waste too much time riding around looking for a place to rest. There are no roadside dhabas and you really don’t want to stand by the side of the road and take a piss.

Step 3: Create a way point for each restaurant in your GPS software. I use Garmin’s  Basecamp.

Step 4: Create a route using the way points and pick shortest distance as the routing method. This is important because if you pick shortest time the GPS will keep kicking you out to the boring expressways.

Step 5: Twist your throttle and enjoy!

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