Monday Morning Cashew Ride

As part of my efforts to explore the Goa I’ve not yet seen, this sunny Monday morning Blackbird and I took a random exit while riding up NH 17 somewhere in Pernem and continued riding through the wilderness.

_DSC0001 (Edited)

Cashew trees in full bloom flanked both sides of the road as we rumbled through sleepy villages. I raised my helmet visor to take in the aroma. I stopped a couple of times to take pictures and pluck a juicy cashew that was calling out to me, begging me to eat it.

_DSC0005 (Edited)

_DSC0006 (Edited)

_DSC0008 (Edited)

_DSC0009 (Edited)

_DSC0017 (Edited)

_DSC0022 (Edited)

I’m definitely going to do this again.