Mucky Morning

What was supposed to be a nice and easy morning ride in the rain through sleepy Goan villages turned out to be a bloody mess in the muck. The good thing is I got to test Ratchet’s raised front fender and it works great.

However, the Pirelli MT60 tyres were practically useless in the slush. These are 60/40 tyres. Means 60% tarmac and 40% dirt. When conditions get wet the ratio gets skewed even more. Muck and slush needs proper 10/90 type knobby tyres. But those are highly unsafe to ride on tarmac, which is why people trailer bikes with those tyres to the trail they want to ride.

I didn’t get very far. I had to use the side stand as a pivot to turn the bike around. That wasn’t easy because the stand kept spearing itself into the soft soil. Once I had the bike pointing in the right direction I shoved and pulled at it while twisting the throttle at the right time in order to rock the bike out of the holes I had dug it into.

It’s always a good idea not to do this kind of shit alone. But then good ideas aren’t that much fun, now are they?










Not a bad way to start a week day, don’t you think?

Oh! And by the way, Happy Motorcycle Day! 🙂