Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Foot Pegs

Project Hero Impulse Adventure

One of the weird design flaws of the Hero Impulse lies in the rider foot pegs. They are way too short and narrow, especially for a dual sport motorcycle where the rider is expected to ride standing on the foot pegs for expended periods of time. I don’t know what the guys at Hero were thinking when they designed these foot pegs.

I could never feel comfortable standing on the pegs, specially when I wore my wide Alpinestars Toucan riding boots. My ankles used to literally buckle inwards since the soles of the boots were resting on the very edge of the foot pegs.

I decided to solve the problem to an extent my swapping the stock foot pegs with those of the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Prajhot Pednekar worked his magic and made the swap for me. The left foot peg was a direct swap. No modifications required. The right foot peg needed some grinding.



These Himalayan foot pegs feel a lot better than the stock Impulse ones.


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