Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Motocross Tyres

Project Hero Impulse Adventure

Colt got new motocross shoes today. They have an amazing grip in the dirt. Twisting the throttle at standstill yields less wheel spin and more propulsion. It was the opposite with the stock Ceat Grip XL tyres that came with the Impulse.

These tyres have “not for highway use” embossed on their side wall. I need to ride slow on tarmac. They have a far lesser contact patch and the wheels lock up easily when braking on tarmac. Since the Impulse doesn’t have ABS that becomes a problem. I also need to get used to the queasy feeling when banking the motorcycle. High speeds on straight stretches aren’t a problem when it comes to handling the motorcycle. But I’ll need to factor for the larger braking distance. So it’s best I take it easy.

These motocross tyres are the final piece of the puzzle as far as dealing with steep hill climbs and descends are concerned. When climbing steep hills the stock tyres spin and valuable torque is lost. As it is the motor is severely underpowered and puts out less torque than required. I’m hoping these tyres will let me use as much torque as possible.

Every fall I’ve had with this bike on trails has been when descending a slope. The front wheel has locked up resulting in a skid. I’m hoping the motocross tyre on the front will dig into the dirt deeper and hold the bike and me upright for a little longer than the stock front tyre.

Front: IRC Motocross IX05H (70/100-19)
Rear: IRC Volcanduro VE-33 (4.60-17)







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