Project KTM 390 Adventure – Handlebar Risers

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As part of changing Ratchet’s riding position from leaning forward to sitting upright I decided to raise the handlebar a couple of inches by using a pair of risers. KTM has a Powerpart called Handlebar Support (Part No. 78901939444) which did exactly what I wanted. But I couldn’t find a way to buy it online and the KTM dealer in Goa was clueless about its existence. I asked my friends on Facebook and one of them, Dhaval Mahadaria, suggested instead of figuring out how to buy the KTM part, I could get the job done with a simple cylindrical riser and a longer bolt. I said to myself, “Why the hell not” and bought a couple of 35mm diameter, two inch long aluminium bars for Rs 50 from the local metal yard.


I took them to a lathe workshop in Mapusa, got them sized to 30 mm diameter.


Then got a 10 mm hole drilled through each riser.


I paid the machinist Rs 300 for his labour and headed off to the hardware shop to buy a couple of longer bolts which cost me Rs 50 each


After spending Rs 450 and some time Ratchet’s risers were ready for fitment. I had to reroute the clutch cable to take into account the increase in distance from the clutch to the clutch lever. The other cables didn’t pose a problem as they were long enough.

This is the handlebar before I add the risers.

DSC_0006 (Edited)

And this is after.

IMG_3634 (Edited)

I’m also experimenting with a couple of aluminum spacers on top of the front fork tubes which I borrowed from a friend. The combination of the fork spacers and these handlebar risers has resulted in an upright riding position, which appears to be pretty close to what I had in mind.

Now I need to take Ratchet for a long ride to test out these mods. After all, the whole point of making these mods was to make the motorcycle enjoyable (not just bearable) on long hauls.

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