Review – Viaterra TrailPack for BMW G310 GS

For the past few months I’ve been giving Viaterra feedback on their new product, the TrailPack, a compact tail bag specially designed for the BMW G310 GS. They sent me a couple of prototypes which I used extensively on trails in Goa. Yesterday they sent me the final product. It feels nice to work with a company which takes customer feedback constructively.

The nice thing about this tail bag is that it can be mounted on top of the luggage rack or hung from under it in case you want to use a larger tail bag on top.

When secured to the bottom of the luggage rack, the design of the TrailPack ensures that the holes of the luggage rack are exposed and can be used to secure a larger tail bag to the top of the luggage rack.

I noticed a rattling sound when riding trails with the prototypes. This was due to my compressor making hard contact with the luggage rack. So the base of the TrailPack was lined with a foam which eliminated the hard contact and hence the rattling sound.

Everything that I need to carry on a trail ride fits into the TrailPack. This includes a compressor, tubeless puncture repair kit and some basic tools.

Some riders may have a larger compressor than mine. So I recommended that the TrailPack be made expandable by a inch or so. Note that when expanded, the TrailPack will need to be secured to the top of the luggage rack and not at the bottom. All the items you see in the image above fit into the TrailPack in its un-expanded state.

Build quality is superior. Priced at just Rs. 1,999 this is an excellent value for money product. Highly recommended.

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