Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2012

Every year Royal Enfield organizes a three day festival at Vagator hiltop in Goa, called Rider Mania where Royal Enfield bike owners from all over India congregate. There’s food and drink, some weird competitions and live  music that goes well into the night. I had heard a lot about Rider Mania but had never experienced it before. Today was the final day of Rider Mania 2012 and this morning I took my Royal Enfield Thunderbird along to see what the event was all about.

I missed the finals of the Dirt Track race and reached in time for a race called “Carry Your Bike”, which I don’t think needs further explanation.

Next up was another race called “Lemon And Spoon” which also is quite self explanatory.

After lunch there was a “Celebration Ride” where around a thousand Royal Enfield bikes thundered through the sleepy villages of Vagator and Anjuna, waking up every living creature enjoying their Sunday afternoon Goan siesta. We drove some dogs batshit crazy.

There were a number of custom Royal Enfields on display and attendees could vote for the best custom bike. I voted for this beauty called “Karma”.

Here are some others.