Thinking About The BMW G310 GS

Now that I’ve sold my KTM Duke 390 there is a void in my garage which isn’t looking nice. There isn’t any motorcycle available in India at the moment that can fill this void. But there is one motorcycle that’s due to be launched towards the end of this year which has peaked my interest quite a bit. The BMW G310 GS.

This motorcycle would have been perfect for my recent ride around the Annapurna Circuit and should be perfect for similar rides that I’m planning in the months and years to come. Rides which involve quite a bit of highway riding and quite a bit of trail riding.

The alloy wheels of this GS run tubeless tyres which make a puncture fix shorter than a stop for tea. I’ve never liked spokes for this sole reason. I’m not rallying off-road anyway. So I really don’t need the strength that spoked wheels provide.

The top speed of 140 kmph is more than enough for me. I don’t exceed 110 kmph on highways anyway. I’m assuming this motorcycle should feel great sitting at 110 kmph for the whole day.

Coupled with the long travel front suspension, the 19 inch front and 17 inch rear wheel combination should be good for off-road use. My Triumph Tiger 800 XRx shares this same combination but has a longer wheel base. The shorter wheelbase of this GS will mean that I will be able to overcome obstacles a lot easier as compared to the Tiger.

I love the fact that the motorcycle comes ready with a tail rack to fit a top case and I won’t need to fabricate something. I’m not a fan of panniers and saddle bags. They increase the width of the motorcycle which poses a problem when riding off road. So if I can make do with a lockable top case and a removable tank bag then I think I’m sorted.

The only things I would add are a crash guards to protect the engine and side panels and hand guards to protect the hand levers. Maybe swap the tyres with a pair of Continental TKC 80’s for good on and off-road performance.

The small 11 litre fuel tank capacity worries me though. But that’s something which can be fixed by carrying fuel when required.

But the best part of this motorcycle is its weight. With a kerb weight of just 158 kgs, its actually 5 kgs lighter than the Duke. I’ve ridden my Duke off road quite a bit. It feels nimble and is very easy to flick around and have fun. I’m thinking the BMW G310 GS should feel the same.

And last but not the least. Its a BMW. I expect the quality to be superior.

Yeah, come to think of it, the BMW G310 GS would fill the void in my garage perfectly. 🙂