Thoughts On Solo Riding

I had one of those moments here. If you are a solo rider like me, you may understand what I’m talking about.


There are times when the place you are riding through overwhelms you so much that you stop riding, just stand next to your motorcycle and do absolutely nothing. You mind goes blank and your body feels light, no matter how much it may be hurting at that moment. Basically, in the words of Pink Floyd, you become Comfortably Numb.

Don’t worry. I’m not off my meds or something. This really happens and if you haven’t experienced something like this yet, it’s probably because you don’t ride solo too often.

When you ride in a group you usually get busy talking to your buddies during stops, take pictures of them, pose for pictures yourself. You don’t get to truly experience the place like you should.

This was a straight stretch of impeccable tarmac leading into a sunset with a beautiful lake on my left extending to some mountains and a thick carpet of green on my right again extending to some more mountains. I stood here for a good five minutes doing absolutely nothing before taking out my phone to take a picture and capture the moment.

This place is now etched into my brain. I can close my eyes and be transported there at any time. This was easily one of the best moments of my ride around Sri Lanka.