Thoughts On The Royal Enfield Twins

People have been asking me what I think about the Royal Enfield Twins.

I’m pretty convinced that Royal Enfield has a winner with the Interceptor 650 Twin. Unlike the Himalayan, this motorcycle already has a massive target audience – existing Royal Enfield owners loyal to the brand and who are looking for a not too expensive upgrade. If Royal Enfield prices the Interceptor under 4 lakhs, I think there will be at least a two year waiting period for this motorcycle.

These people really don’t care about quality. If they did they wouldn’t have stuck with Royal Enfield for all these years. It would be nice if Royal Enfield builds the Interceptor 650 Twin as a reliable motorcycle. But in my opinion that isn’t a requirement for its success.

The motorcycle looks absolutely stunning and that could be the sole reason for wanting to own it. The trademark thump will only be the icing on the cake.

I’m not so sure about the Continental GT 650 Twin though. That motorcycle may succeed abroad. But in India I think Royal Enfield will not be able to make enough Interceptor 650 Twins to match the demand.