Thoughts On The Viaterra Raptor Tail Bag

I’ve made final adjustments to the securing mechanism of the Viaterra Raptor tail bag. The bag comes with a couple of bungee chords to quickly secure and release the bag from the motorcycle.

This works well for riding on tarmac. But as I found out the hard way on yesterday’s trail ride, the bag needs to be strapped rigidly when the motorcycle is being thrashed around off road. Otherwise the bag moves around and starts leaning to one side.

So instead of using a stretchable bungee chord I’m now using a velcro strap which I pass through the bag’s loops at the bottom and weave through the luggage rack. This serves the purpose of securing the bag to the rack rigidly while also making it easy to secure and release.

I just rode Colt on some bad roads and fields in my village and the bag didn’t move an inch. I really like the size and shape of this tail bag. Not too large and not too small.

Yesterday I packed the bag with my tools, spares, clothes for a multi day ride and everything fit in perfectly. I’m trying to avoid using the Cramster Stallion saddle bags on long rides, which is why I bought the Raptor. Now I need to go on a long ride to be able to offer the final verdict. 🙂

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