Weekend At Wildernest And Swapnagandha

Today I returned from a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend with family at Wildernest and Swapnagandha, a twin nature resort situated near the common border of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Here are some pictures. Click on the images for larger views.

A view from the swimming pool looking down on the hills below

The swimming pool in the middle of a thick jungle comes complete with all kinds of insects and creatures that you can swim with.

The restaurant served authentic local food in earthen pots. The table is half a log.

The serving spoon is a piece of bamboo driven through half a coconut shell

Check out the bar stools

The ultimate outdoor seating

Especially if the view is that of a waterfall

The waterfall

The cottages where we stayed overlooked the valley

They were taking time to serve breakfast in the morning. I wanted to let them know that I was pissed. Didn’t work.

If I remember correctly the last time I was here this wasn’t a leaning barrel of Pisa

While driving back I couldn’t resist stopping the car and taking this picture