Brunton All Day Battery Pack Saves The Day

140 GB of GoPro footage recorded over seven days in Mongolia has been successfully edited to 22 GB of video and uploaded to YouTube. I don’t envy people who work as video editors. The job is painful, especially if you don’t enjoy looking at perpetually shaking video footage.

Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Day 3 –
Day 4 –
Day 5 –
Day 6 –
Day 7 –

The reason I could record so much footage is because of the Brunton All Day battery pack attached to my GoPro Hero 3+. That coupled with two 128GB memory cards did the trick. On long days of riding I used a power bank to recharge the Brunton battery pack while I was having lunch. I wasn’t sure whether the battery would last till the end due to such heavy usage. I basically kept the GoPro on in full HD video mode all the time and turned it off whenever we stopped for breaks.

The added advantage of this product is that you can use its USB port to charge your mobile phone in an emergency.

Its a very practical and well thought out product. The Brunton All Day battery pack gets two thumbs up from me. Highly recommended.


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