Project Hero Impulse Adventure – Sump Guard

Project Hero Impulse Adventure

The engine of the Impulse is cradled by two tubes of the chassis that meet at the front and radiate outwards towards the rear. Although the tubes make the lowermost part of the underbelly of the motorcycle, the gap between them exposes the engine sump to rocks kicked up by the front wheel.

Prajhot Pednekar fashioned a sump guard from a thin sheet of metal just 1 mm thick. The idea was the keep it as light as possible while covering the triangular patch between the tubes of the chassis.



He use two threaded holes in the sump to secure the rear part of the guard, making sure to see that any impact to the guard will be born by the tubes and not the sump. To secure the front of the guard, he made two threaded holes in a metal strip and welded it to the chassis where the two tubes met.


This sump guard will not be able to take a severe beating. We could make it stronger by using a 4 or 5 mm think plate. But that would increase its weight, which may not be a good idea for a low powered bike as the Impulse. As long as this sump guard prevents rocks from hitting the sump I’m good.


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