ABS Button on the 2020 BMW G310 GS

This is allegedly the picture of the new BMW G310 GS to be launched in a few days.

I can’t help but wonder where the dedicated ABS on/off button has gone. It is on the left hand controls on my 2018 310 GS and is a life saver.

Even my 2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XRx costing three times as much as my 310 GS doesn’t have a dedicated ABS button, and that’s a royal pain in the back side. You need to change the riding mode to off-road which is next to impossible when you have already hit a rough patch. To change the mode you need to lift your left hand off the handlebar and try to press the mode button on the dashboard while everything is shaking violently. After struggling for a while you give up and stop riding to change the mode while your friends riding with you have gone ahead.

But with the 310 GS, all you need to do is keep the ABS button on the left controls pressed for 5 seconds and the ABS is turned off. Then do the same thing to turn it back on again after the off-road patch ends. All this without needing to lift your left hand off the handlebar. I really hope BMW hasn’t removed this feature in the new 2020 model.