Motorcycle Rig for Isuzu V-Cross

A while ago Alvin de Souza and I went to Jason Pereira and his father Kenneth Perreira with an idea of what we thought was the best way to load and carry our adventure motorcycles on Alvin’s Isuzu V-Cross. In that first meeting itself the father-son duo changed our minds and proposed a rig which solved all our problems, even those we didn’t know we had. They then fabricated the rig to perfection.

Today morning Alvin and I loaded our bikes on the V-Cross and hammered it along the horrible road leading up to Tillari ghat in Maharashtra. Everything turned out to be perfect.

This rig fulfills our most important requirement – that just two people should be needed to load and unload the motorcycles. The idea was to be able to drive to some godforsaken place in this beautiful country and start riding our motorcycles without needing assistance from anyone else.
Another requirement was that it should take minimal time and energy. We can load and secure both motorcycles in 30 mins and unload them in 15 mins. I’m sure we will get better with time.

Maybe one of these days I’ll record a video of the rig to explain its features. One really nice feature is that the channels cradling the motorcycles can be folded such that the tail gate can be closed. Also, although the rear tyres seem to rest on the opened tail gate they actually do not. The gap between the channel and the tail gate ensures that the tail gate isn’t loaded at all, which was another of our requirements. We also didn’t want to transport the motorcycles on their center stands. So the idea of a channel ended up solving many problems. And last but not the least, this entire rig is bolted onto the bed of the truck. Which means it can be completely dismantled and the truck bed can be returned back to its original state maybe in a matter of an hour. The truck bed and body wasn’t drilled into or messed around with in any way whatsoever.

Thanks to Jason and Kenneth for an amazing job executed to perfection.