Alibre Features Russell’s Space Ships

A year ago I installed Alibre Atom3D on Russell’s computer. He had some experience with SketchUp and I thought maybe it was time to take things up to a higher level. The kid immersed himself into Atom3D and taught himself how to use the software by referring to the documentation and tutorials. Among other things he designed a fleet of space ships. Today the good folks from Alibre featured his designs on their Facebook page.

Alibre Atom3D is a history based parametric 3D modeling software. It’s more advanced and precise than the simple sketch-push-pull 3D design software that kids play around with. Although Atom3D is targeted towards hobbyists and personal design projects, the concepts are quite similar to advanced 3D design software used by engineers today.

Today I’m getting the “baap ka naam roshan karega” feeling about this boy. 😬