The LAC and Galwan Valley

It’s sad and shameful to see so called “journalists” and “defence experts” trying their best to convince people that the Indian Army lost territory it controlled in the Galwan Valley to China. They don’t realize that their blind hatred towards the political party or politicians in power is causing them to insult our brave soldiers who are protecting our borders in very inhospitable conditions.

I created this graphic to explain to my boys what happened and how it is impossible that territory could have been lost in Galwan. For that to happen the Chinese would have to take over an entire Indian Army base on the west bank of the Shyok river. That clearly didn’t happen. Otherwise we would be at war with China by now.

Although this is a screenshot of Google Earth, anyone with Google Maps could come to the same conclusion if they took the time and effort to search for “Galwan Valley” and then applied some common sense. Instead I see people blindly sharing content posted by these “journalists” and “defence experts” and in the bargain discrediting our armed forces.

20 Indian soldiers died this week in a very infortunate incident on the LAC. I would prefer if people kept politics out of this and start behaving like Indians worth dying for.