BMW G310 GS Air Filter Change

I recently did the 10,000 km service of my BMW G310 GS. I had noticed a slight drop in power and attributed it to a dirty air filter. I didn’t notice any improvement in power after the service. So today morning I decided to remove the tank panels and check the air filter myself. I was horrified to see an absolutely filthy air filter.

I called the BMW service advisor and demanded an explanation. I was told that BMW recommends “checking and replacing” the air filter only at 20,000 kms. I found that weird and decided to check the owner’s manual. The service advisor was right. BMW did indeed recommend checking and changing the air filter at 20,000 kms.

Common wisdom dictates that air filters for motorcycles need to be changed after 10,000 to 15,000 kms. Given that this is an adventure motorcycle and is expected to be ridden in dusty and dirty conditions, one would expect that the air filter should be changed earlier in the range – 10,000 kms or maybe even earlier. 20,000 kms is just nuts, in my opinion.