BMW G310 GS Stalling Problem Fix

The BMW G310 GS is notoriously known for its engine stalling problem. The engine dies between gear shifts at low speeds. This usually happens while riding in crowded city traffic and negotiating technical trails. It’s happened to me many times and its quite irritating.

The problem is when you pull in the clutch lever and close the throttle, the RPM drops immediately. By the time you change gear, start releasing the clutch lever and open the throttle, the RPM is too low for the load on the engine and it dies.

BMW has issued a new firmware for the G310 GS which is mandatory. This means that whenever you take your motorcycle to a BMW service center for a service the new firmware with the new fuel map will be applied to it. I got the second service of my BMW G310 GS done today and as expected it’s firmware was updated to the new version.

I immediately noticed that pulling in the clutch lever and closing the throttle reduced the RPM, but in a gradual manner. I tried to intentionally stall the motorcycle, but it held up pretty well. The change in the engine’s behaviour is quite noticeable.

A side effect of this new fuel map is a much smoother ride quality. Gear changes at highway cruising speeds feel much nicer as the engine strives to maintain its RPM between gear changes.

This isn’t a new feature of the motorcycle. This is how the engine should have behaved in the first place. But I’m glad that BMW recognized and fixed the problem.