Riding Gloves For Extreme Cold Conditions

When riding a motorcycle in freezing cold conditions its critical that you protect your hands. The most common mistake that people make is use so called water-resistant riding gloves with inbuilt knuckle protection and which have some sort of thermal lining. They think these gloves will prevent rain water from entering in as well as keep their hands warm. The problem with these gloves is that the more seams you have on the glove more is the chance of water ingress.

Rain water that has found its way into a glove at sea level feels uncomfortable. But rain or snow that has found its way into a glove at 15,000+ feet in peak winter is pure torture. The water freezes inside the glove and the handlebar feels like a bar of ice. It’s next to impossible to ride a motorcycle in such conditions.

After learning this the hard way in the Himalayas, I have made changes to my riding gear. When conditions turn extreme I use the North Face Leather IL Solo gloves.

These aren’t riding gloves. They don’t come with knuckle protection. They are designed for skiing and snowboarding, which is precisely what I need. They are made up of water-resistant goat leather and have a inner fleece lining for warmth. These were a life saver (or rather hand saver) on my North East ride where we encountered some really extreme conditions for extended periods of time.

Over the years, after trying out a bunch of motorcycle riding gloves, I finally found the solution to my problems in a totally different sport.

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