BMW G310 GS Top Out Issue

I’m looking for someone who can confirm or deny that the front suspension top out issue in the BMW G310 GS has been fixed in the 2021 model. For those who aren’t aware, a top out is the opposite of a bottom out. When there is no load on the front wheel it moves away from the fork and hits out. A spring sitting at the bottom of the fork tube prevents hard metal to metal contact. This spring is called the top out spring.

Back in 2017 BMW shamelessly launched the G310 GS with a huge problem with the front suspension. The front suspension tops out every time the front wheel lifts off the ground momentarily. This happens when riding on a rocky surface. You hear a thud sound from the front fork for every large rock you ride over indicating hard metal to metal contact. You can even experience this while riding on the road. Simply jump a tall speed breaker and you will experience a top out. It’s very irritating and I’m not sure what other harm this does to the front suspension.

I’m not sure how this motorcycle even passed Quality Control. I mean if they actually rode it on a rocky track they would have experienced the top out every time. This isn’t something that happens sometimes. It happens every damn time. It’s easily reproducible. I can top out my 310 GS on demand.

I sniffed around the BMW G310 GS parts list and noticed this diagram.

It shows that the damper unit (Part Number 31 42 8 388 638) is present only on the right side fork tube, which is fine. The top out spring should be inside this damper unit. So if BMW has indeed fixed the top out issue, I could replace the top out spring in my motorcycle with that of the 2021 model. If not, I guess I will need to start experimenting with stiffer top out springs, which is something I’m really not keen on doing.

So if any of you own the 2021 310 GS or you are planning to test ride one, please do me a favor and jump a speed breaker. Or you could also ride up a curb and get the front wheel up in the air momentarily. Then let me know if you hear a loud thud or not.

For those who are interestred, here is a nice video explaining top out springs.