Jawa Fuel Level Sensor Issue

My Jawa is a year old. During the past year I’ve had the fuel level sensor replaced twice under warranty. There is a serious problem with the Jawa fuel sensor. While riding the motorccle, all of a sudden the level on the fuel gauge drops to empty. Sometimes it drops to a level between the current fuel level and empty. I reported this to the Jawa dealer during the first service and they replaced the fuel sensor. Things worked fine for a couple of weeks, but then the issue resurfaced again. At the second service I again reported the issue and the dealer replaced the fuel level sensor for a second time. As I expected the fuel level sensor worked well for a couple of weeks and then started dropping to empty again.

Basically, Jawa dealers are replacing faulty fuel level sensors with more faulty fuel level sensors. This is common problem and Jawa owners have been complaining about this issue for quite a while now. If people at Mahindra’s Classic Legends were paying attention they would have noticed a significant level of fuel sensor replacements a long time ago. They should have investigated the problem and fixed it by now. Either changed the design of the fuel sensor or changed the supplier. But that has not yet been done, which is pretty irritating.

If any of you can escalate this to the right people at Classic Legends I’d appreciate it.

Update: 15-Oct-2020

Seems like my social media posts reached the right people. Today evening my Jawa dealer got in touch with me put me on a conference call with Classic Legend’s national service head. I explained in detail exactly what the issue was. Apparently, there is another “issue” with the fuel guage where because the sensor is placed on the right hand side of the fuel tank, when the motorcycle is placed on the side stand the fuel level is shown lower than actual. I explained that I have a different issue. Say I’m merrily riding my motorcycle and the fuel guage is showing 80%, it abruptly drops to 0% and stays there. I stop the motorcycle, turn the ignition off and back on. The fuel gauge shows 80% again.

The service head has asked me to bring my Jawa to the dealer’s workshop where they will replace my fuel sensor. My faulty sensor will be sent for testing. I appreciate the prompt response from Classic Legends and I hope that they will find and fix this issue once and for all.