Brunton All Day GoPro Hero 3+ Battery Pack Review

I’ve been using my GoPro Hero 3+ for a while now and apart from its low battery life, it’s a great product. For a day long ride I need to charge all of my five batteries and need to keep switching them along the way. I did this on all of the fourteen days of my ride along the Golden Quadrilateral and it was a little frustrating, to put it mildly. I mostly click pictures using the GoPro remote, not videos. I fasten the GoPro remote to the handlebar of my motorcycle using a 3D printed mount I designed. This helps me click pictures of interesting things instantly and easily without letting go of the handlebar. The problem is the remote connects to the camera using WiFi and that drains the battery rather quickly, which is why I need to roam around with five batteries and two chargers to charge them at night.

To make life less frustrating I bought a Brunton All Day GoPro Hero 3+ Battery Pack. Installation is easy. All you need to do is replace the back cover of the waterproof case with the battery pack. Simply pluck out the back cover and press fit the battery pack in its place. You also need to remove the back case of the GoPro camera and the original battery as this battery pack fits into the battery slot.

Image 01

The manufacturer claims that the battery gives four times the power of a regular GoPro battery and is water resistant, not water proof. So this means you can use it in the rain but not submerge it under water.  The build quality is pretty decent and the battery pack fits perfectly into the battery slot of the GoPro. It comes in black and yellow colors. I picked yellow for added visibility.

An added benefit of the battery pack is its ability to act as a power source to charge your mobile phone whenever you stop for a break. It comes with a set of cables as well.

Image 02

The battery pack is called All Day and I wanted to check if it lived up to its name. So yesterday I went for my usual morning ride, took some pictures and videos and when I returned home I kept the camera on and connected to the remote using WiFi while I continued working at my desk. The battery pack has a power button which when pressed lights up a LED light as green, amber or red, depending on the level of charge left in the battery pack. I kept clicking pictures and taking videos throughout the day. By afternoon the light on the unit hadn’t yet turned red. So I decided to use the battery pack to charge both my phones back to full, after which the light turned amber. By 6 pm the light was still amber and I decided to drain the battery by recording a long video. After 45 minutes of recording the battery pack finally gave up.

So yes, this thing works all day. In all, I took around 1,000 pictures, recorded 2 hours of video and charged two smart phones. Pretty good, I say.

I don’t have much to complain about this battery pack. Although it looks huge, its really not very heavy and I didn’t notice any difference when I mounted it on my helmet. I’ve yet to ride it in the rain. But looking at the quality of the product, I think it will hold up just fine.