Cocoa And Chocolate

I was going through some old files and folders today and came across this three year old video. Back then I had a male Labrador called Cocoa and a female Rottweiler called Chocolate, who was still a puppy. I had to separate them because Chocolate had only one aim in life, and that was to chew on the Cocoa’s floppy ears whenever opportunity presented itself.

As most Labradors, Cocoa was an extremely gentle and loving dog, but couldn’t harm a fly. And that is not a figure of speech. He literally couldn’t harm a fly. As you can see from this video he was utterly incapable of defending himself even if his life (or ears) depended on it.

The sadist in me used this as a method of punishment for Cocoa when he did something wrong. I used to set Chocolate free and let her have a go at poor Cocoa’s ears. Clearly she wore the pants in the house.