My Marsimik La Garmin Adventure

I’m a gadget freak and surround myself with all kinds of gizmos that I actually use. One of them is my Garmin GPSMAP 62s personal GPS device which I mount on my motorcycle and ride all over the world. I make it a point to pack it in my luggage everywhere I travel in the hope that I will squeeze out a free day, rent a motorcycle and ride it to experience our beautiful planet more intimately.

Garmin has created a concept they aptly call “adventure” whereby you can upload your track to their web site along with pictures and videos. A track is basically a record of your locations as you went about your journey with your GPS device. I uploaded the track of my ride to Marsimik La to the Garmin web site. You can see it here.

The track information also records your elevation apart from location. Here is the elevation graph of the ride.


The peaks on the graph are the high Himalayan mountain passes. There are three towards the right of the graph. The one in the middle is Marsimik La almost touching 19,000 feet.