Colt At Pargadh

On today’s trail ride to Pargadh I chose a wrong line and Colt got stuck in a rut. If I was on my Duke I would have sat heavy on the motorcycle and powered my way out of the rut. But the Impulse just didn’t have the power to get itself out of the mess I had got it into. I needed my friends to push me to the path I should have taken and even after they did the Impulse didn’t have the power to climb up the steep slope from standstill. Even after some more help from my friends the engine shot itself dead after a few feet. As a last resort, I was forced to ride the clutch in first gear to get the extra torque the engine wasn’t able to produce.

I rode the rest of the steep and rocky trail without any more help from my friends. But I had to ride the clutch at each steep incline. I also had to give the clutch a break every now and then to prevent the clutch plates from turning into fried papads.

I’m convinced that the Impulse is good for light trails and simple slopes. But it’s practically useless to me for the kind of trails we do. I was trying to avoid messing with Colt’s power plant. But it looks like I need to perform some sort of bypass surgery involving the engine, air filter, carburetor, exhaust and chain sprockets. If all else fails, I plan to replace Colt’s engine with one from a Karizma. People have been doing that for years now and it’s known to work well.