Hair Pin Bends Of Pargadh

These are a couple of the notorious hair pin bends of the Pargadh trail. Colt’s engine was screaming begging me to stop. But I kept molesting those clutch plates to maintain whatever little momentum I had. I didn’t want my friends to push me up this wretched slope a second time. My ego had already taken a beating when they had to help me get out of a rut earlier.

Normally I negotiate these hair pin bends on my Duke and Tiger with ease. I just need to maintain my balance and the powerful engine does the rest. But in this case, the engine reached its limits and then I pushed it some more.

I’m going to come back here and ride this section again after Prajhot Pednekar​ finishes whatever he has started doing to Colt’s power plant. He is messing around with carburetors and air filters at the moment. Sprockets are next in line.

People do different things to and with their motorcycles. Some like to shine and polish them and take them out for an occasional spin for a Facebook picture. Some couldn’t care less about how they or their motorcycles look. They just want to ride the crap out of them and create new experiences. I like to ride my motorcycles as often as I can. But with the exception of the Fat Boy, I also enjoy riding my motorcycles to the point of abuse. Then tweak them so that they can take more of that abuse. And document the whole process while I’m at it. 🙂