Cooking A Meal At Marsimik La

I was cleaning out my garage when I found this.

Back in 2014, Gurudatta Munishwar and I rode our motorcycles to Marsimik La in Ladakh situated on the India-China Line of Actual Control. Back then it was considered to be the highest motorable road on the planet and not many had ridden their motorcycles to the 18,953 feet high mountain pass. We wanted to do something different and came up with the crazy idea of actually cooking and enjoying a meal there.

So I bought this stove from the Mapusa market and stuffed it into the tank bag of my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. The road leading to the pass was virtually non existent. Even the Army trucks preferred to drive off the road instead of on it.

In the end we did manage to ride our motorcycles up to the pass and we did cook Maggi noodles and tea using the stove.

Life can get pretty interesting when you decide to do stupid shit. šŸ˜Š