GoPro Hero 7 Black HyperSmooth Stabilization

One of the reasons I bought the GoPro Hero 7 Black was for the HyperSmooth Stabilization, which GoPro claims to be gimball-like. The Silver and White GoPro variants come with standard stabilization only.

Today I rode Asterix along my usual route through the fields of Pilerne and captured the footage on my helmet mounted GoPro. I was quite impressed with the raw footage. See how much the windshield and handlebar shake in the footage. That’s how uneven the track was.

In camera stabilization differs from stabilization after the fact in the sense that the camera trims 10% of the footage and moves each frame in such a way that the resulting footage is a smooth and not shaky. I read in a review that the camera uses sensors to predict how it move in the immediate future to better decide which part of the upcoming frames to crop. A faster also processor helps do all these thing in real time.

I used to get a headache editing my GoPro Hero 5 Black’s footage. The stabilization in that camera was pretty decent. But the 7 is a class apart.