Harley-Davidson Street 750 Review

I test rode a Harley-Davidson Street 750 today at the Goa dealership. I own a 2013 Fat Boy and wanted to check out this so called “game changing” bike from Harley-Davidson. I took it for a short spin and tried a few things with it. This is a fun motorcycle all the way. I found it to be a very peppy and agile motorcycle and will be a pleasure to ride in the city. May not be as nice on long rides. But that’s not the point of this bike anyways.

Just two things I didn’t like about this bike. One is not that big of a deal. The other is a very big deal for me.

The pillion rider foot pegs are way too high. If you are as tall as me you may find yourself in almost squatting position. Clearly pillion seating has been designed for a petite female, which is probably the way it should be.

The thing that turned me off completely was the way the bike sounds. It’s a travesty. Doesn’t sound like a Harley at all. A moped sounds better. My Royal Enfield Thunderbird, even with its stock pipe, sounds a million times better. I’m shocked how Harley could insult their 750cc V-Twin engine this way. I left a scathing remark in the feedback form venting out my anguish.

I think the Street 750 is going to do very well in India. It’s priced just right. I’m told there have already been 50 bookings in Goa and hundreds in metros. That’s a lot of Harleys on Indian roads. HOG rides are going to get very interesting.

This is all good for the growing leisure/adventure motorcycling culture in India.

Street 1

Street 2