How To Pick A Motorcycle

Today someone pointed me to a blog post by Vivek Thakur titled “A case of cheating and fraud by Triumph India selling under-powered bikes“. My takeaway from this story is more about the way people decide which motorcycle to buy and less whether Triumph conned their Indian customers or not.

I say don’t compare motorcycles by looking at numbers on spec sheets. Ride the motorcycle, grab the handlebar, feel the engine, listen to the exhaust, see if everything put together turns you on and then finally buy the motorcycle that makes you most happy. It’s not like you are purchasing a diamond for your wife (hopefully) and you need to compare tags to see whose clarity is VVS and whose is VS because they all look the same to your untrained eyes.

These are motorcycles and one of them will draw you closer than the others. That’s how you pick a motorcycle. Or rather, that’s how a motorcycle picks you.

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